Saturday, September 10, 2011

All Discouragement Is From the Devil

I think I picked up that saying in a Catherine Marshall book.  Seems true to me.

After two endless days, the trip to Dallas and back on Wednesday and the workday plus work-on-the-network evening, I was pretty darn tired.  The network modification went well, and I finally got a good rest Thursday night and was rarin' to go Friday morning.  I thought I'd get some real headway on the annual budget work, but Friday I didn't have enough budgets from my colleagues to get them compiled.

Our Scout council was hit by the Texas wildfires.  Some of the staff had been at camp fighting fires, not sitting around doing budgets.  About half of the vegetation at our largest property burned away, but fortunately, there was no loss of life or burned-down structures. 

The trees will grow back.  People are collecting donations to help folks burned out of their homes. Worthwhile things are often difficult, frustrating, or slow to accomplish.  For instance, Scouting is a wonderful program, but it takes tremendous amounts of labor (mostly volunteer) to look after all those children and teenagers and guide them through personal growth.

Don't let my co-workers in on this, but I know the bbudget book isn't the most important thing in the world. It will get done, too.  Friday held a series of small frustrations for me.  I made little progress, had to keep stopping to deal with other things, tried not to be too grouchy, and packed up as much as I could to bring home. 

Everything feels better on a fresh new Saturday.  We're having Knit Natters later today, and I'm demonstrating the new slipper.  Have you made one yet?  This really is a nice, squashy warm slipper, and it's up in video.  Maybe I can get some of our local club intereted in this pattern for the troop knitting.
I noticed we are still getting people joining the new group for troop knitting. 

After that, I'm rearranging the Chicago handouts.  I need to study the list and see how much I can cover during class and what's the best order.  You know, you put up a flat bed machine and do the flat stuff (garter bar, lace) and move to a ribbed machine, maybe after lunch, and do that stuff in a logical order.


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