Thursday, September 8, 2011

Updates...Sometimes Ya Don't Knit Much

I'm still in madly busy mode, and it's going to go on a little longer.

I never thought I'd turn into this person, who yesterday, rushed out of the house around 5:15 a.m. to go to the airport, fly to Dallas, go to a TSCPA meeting during the day, and fly back.   We landed in Austin at about 5:15 p.m., so I drove home in rush hour traffic, got in about 6:30, walked my dog, then threw a frozen pizza in the oven, and the doorbell rang.  It was our new neighbor and her adorable middle-school-aged daughter.  I visited with them a while.  Then John turned up, they needed to get on their way, the oven beeped, we downed the pizza, and I returned Greta's phone call about her knitting ideas.  She's trying various Stitch World patterns, doing traveling edge lace scarves...wonder how it's going.  She promised to bring great show-and-tell items to club this weekend.

 It was a long day, and about all I accomplished in the evening was to test and sort out some DVDs and crash.

I'd like to play with Stitch World patterns myself!  Soon.

And today was crazy, too.  I am behind on budgets at work, and even when I'm not behind on them, that project is always a little overwhelming.  Today we had a board meeting.  Our board meetings are terrific, since we have hard-working, enthusiastic volunteers and the meetings are tightly scheduled, organized, and interesting.  I sit there just feeling lucky to be part of it.  Our properties chair announced that about 2500-3000 acres burned at Griffith League Ranch, one of our Scout camps, and everyone was relieved that there was no loss of lives, injuries, or losses of structures.  A Scout leader spoke at this meeting about his experience performing lifesaving first aid on a pedestrian who was hit and dragged by a cement truck.  Some fired-up young Scouters were selling popcorn.  

After the meeting, I went back to my budgets, which are just big piles of spreadsheets.  I'm trying to get everyone to turn in their pieces and then I aggregate all of it and see how far we are from getting the ends to meet.  Then the management team meets a couple of times and make changes until we have a budget that works.

I stayed after hours at work to have some changes made to the firewall and network, so another long day.  This was pretty cool, though - our wireless guests, who are in the building just to use the conference room, will have their own network that doesn't touch our corporate network.  It give them internet access and gives us good security.  We also had to increase the number of devices our network will handle because our new facility is so big. 

John and I ate the other half of the pizza for supper tonight, and then I got to kick back and putter for a while.  We normally don't eat junk like that - I normally cook at least simple meals. 

During all this running around, especially while driving my car, I "read" The Applause of Heaven by Max Lucado.  Mostly, I listened to it while sitting in traffic. This is a free Kindle book right now - what a treat!  Nobody writes like he does.

Now I'm working on getting the Chicago handouts ready to go.  That seminar, weekend after next, will feel like no time at all from now.  Mary sent me their survey data, and that will show me what to include in the schedule.  Their choices will be fun.  I make a booklet with written instructions so seminar attenders can relax and pay attention to the demo instead of having to take notes frantically. 

This Saturday, Knit Natters meets.  We are having another planning discussion about the upcoming seminar in October.  If anybody wants to go, they need to turn in money and get registered!  I've got a demo ready for club, a Brother demo. 

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