Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Great Mid-Gauge Yarns

I have an under-used midgauge machine, and I'm wondering, what are some favorite mid-gauge yarns?  Mine is an MK-70, so it has 6 mm spacing.  Apparently mid-gauge machines range from 6-7 mm.

In particular, I want to do some medium-weight pullovers.  I'm cooking up a new pattern, really quite an interesting one.  What looks great and washes well?  I'm very fond of washable wool blends.  Anybody have a nice recommendation, say in Tamm cone yarns?  Other ideas?

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  1. I have used sport weight/DK cotton yarns on my LK 150 before and they Turn out really nice as they are quite warm, or maybe some baby acrylic yarns, what about the ribbon and fun fur type yarns, maybe sport weight/DK alpaca yarn they are beautifully soft, completely up to you though.