Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gift Idea - Flower Dishcloth to Handknit

I designed a whole assortment of hand knit round dishcloths, and haven't published it yet.  This one is a great favorite, and I put the pattern on the blog.

There are plenty of people who absolutely love good cotton dishclothes, and they make a nice small gift with handmade sentiment!  Let's face it, a really beautiful round dishcloth is a 'way cooler gift than an ordinary square one.

If you're adept at hand knitting, this can be done in an evening while you watch (well, listen to) your favorite holiday movies:

Pattern is here:

We watched "Elf" last night.  I laughed and laughed; from now on, when I see Bob Newhart, I'll be visualizing Papa Elf and when I see Ed Asner, I'll be seeing Santa. 

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