Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yoke for Steve's Sweater

I got some knitting time the past few days.  Since I'm doing the yokes first now (going to knit the sweaters upside-down, rehanging the yoke), I knitted my son Steven's yoke and showed it to him:

I'm very happy with the speckled yarns, which I think add interest and a masculine flair, but I'm less happy with the self-striping yarn that I used for rounds 3 and 5.  While the colors are perfect, I think that "ombre" or "spaced dyed" yarn with quick color changes works better for Entrelac, since the overall design is already busy.  One of the most enjoyable parts of this project has been choosing all the colors.

The body of the sweater is going to be the denim blue I used for round #4.  

Steve likes it.  (He also just loves the green I used for my first sweater in shaped Entrelac, so now I know about another color he really likes.)  

The neck is great, goes over the head easily and isn't too tight or loose.  We discussed how he wants it to fit, and I took some measurements so I can get it right.  If I do mess up the fit, it can be unraveled without disturbing the yoke, as long as I leave the waste yarn in place until the sweater is basted together and Steve tries it on.

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  1. fascinating idea for a yoke. I may see if I can make something similar....Thanks :)