Friday, December 16, 2011

Quick Gift Idea - Easy Felted Slipper

I knit a lot of slippers and invent slipper patterns because I love to wear slippers.  Some of them are nice for a bed slipper, some of okay for warmer times of the year, and then there are some that are intended to keep your feet warm in the coldest weather.

These felted slippers, are definitely in the cold weather category.  Once they're felted and shrunk, they're amazingly thick and padded.  Warm hairy things, a coordinating accessory to go with a bearskin rug or maybe to accessorize the hunky caveman who keeps you warm.  Oops, I digress.

If you have never done a felted project, try these.  These are rather entertaining to make.  You have to watch them as they felt and shrink in the washing machine - because they change sizes pretty quickly.  I actually was fishing them out of the Maytag and trying them on repeatedly (wet and nasty!) or getting lucky old John (what a good sport) to try on the mens' version, as they felted in the machine. They shrink and shrink until they fit someone or other! 

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