Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Great Stuff at Several Blogs - Look!

Great web browsing tonight on Blogger.  I'm reading everybody else's blog!  Happy wandering - check out some of my favorites:

Ozlorna is making fantastic chemo hats - "hairy" ones!  So clever and so kind!

Adorable child in intarsia Elmo sweater - too, too, cute - at Rhythm of the Needles.  (Maybe if I pray really hard, I can get a cute grandchild, too?)  Natch, grandma was finishing it the night before.

More baby and doll goodies over at Right & Wrong!  I enjoy the other crafts at her blog, the sewing and crocheting, as well as the knitting. 

New pattern of the month over at Needles to Say!  I especially like this one, because it's lovely lace.

Lovely HK modular vest over at Knitting Up a Storm.

Update:  Oops, missed one, the Spock Hat at Yarn Floozies.

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