Monday, February 20, 2012

New Video Today - How to Latch Ribbing at the End of Piece

One of the things that comes up quite often in machine knitting is the need to do the ribbing last.  For instance, for my shaped Entrelac patterns, you do the fancy round yoke first, and then you rehang the yoke and knit the body working upside-down, that is, from the yoke toward the hem.

This is easy if you have a ribber, but lots of knitters don't have a ribber.  Some models don't even have a ribber available.  Often, people avoid doing the ribbing last when they don't have a ribber, because it's difficult to unravel exactly the right number of rows.

No problem.  There's an easy way to do it, and while you're at it, you can put on a good-looking loop-through-a-loop bind-off at the end.  Here's the new video:

By the way, this is my first video on the LK-150.  I'm enjoying this little machine, and can see why it's so popular.


  1. Thank you, Diana, for your very helpful videos. I have learnt a lot so far from you. Great job as always

    Heike, Tatamagouche Nova Scotia

    1. Hi Diana, Thank you for another excellent video. Ileen

  2. Ditto from me Diana! You have such great techniques with the perfect verbal instructions and camera angles! Now, if I can figure out if I have a project in que that I can try this on.
    Brenda, Fort Wayne, In

  3. Even though I refuse to do ribbing without a ribber, watching how you put in the lifeline was very helpful, and can be used at the end of a lace repeat for those of us with lace carriages, as those stitches sometimes love to pop off the needles and drop! Ripping back to the lifeline sure beats starting a project over!

  4. Heidi - fantastic tip! You're absolutely right, putting in a lifeline during lace could save a tremendous amount of time and headache.

  5. Another helpful video. I do not have the lk150 but I do have a kx350 which is also a single bed mid gauge. I use it for a lot of projects that use yarn larger than I can use on my 965i. I am not that experienced and you have helped me a great deal. Thanks Again!

  6. Hello from England,I have just started machine knitting again after 20 years, and have bought myself a LK 150. I found your video very informative, please do more for the LK 150 as I'm very rusty. In the 80's when I was machine knitting of course there was no internet to refer to. Thanks.

  7. Hi, Deborah!

    If you're feeling rusty, watch the beginning machine knitting lessons - almost everything there will translate to your LK150, and a lot of my readers tell me there are interesting things to learn even if you've been knitting a while (because everyone does things differently, and I hear I am fairy different!)

    Glad you're back at it. Fun little machine, isn't it?