Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Knitting Friends

Sylvia and Greta are two of my knittin' sisters who attend our local knitting club, Knit Natters, and I believe they won't mind my sharing photos they sent me this week. 

Greta was working my "EZ Entrelac" book, and after making a good-sized sample,she phoned and said she was going to make a purse with it.

Isn't it cute?  Looks like a very nice size for a purse.  And there's a tam to match!

Greta drives all the way from San Antonio, which takes a couple hours, to come to Knit Natters, and we all love to see her and to see what she's making.  She does a great many needlecrafts, and wears a lot of beautiful things she made herself.

Sylvia, who also attends Knit Natters, and is an expert machine embroiderer and intrepid KMer, has been a great sport about testing the shaped Entrelac hat.  She ran into a number of issues, including a mistake in the draft that made the hat a little too small.  Sylvia worked hard to help straighten my pattern out, so that the rest of you won't have problems when you work from my patterns!  Sylvia has great color sense and I love the pink and green in her hat.

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