Friday, October 26, 2012

Interesting at Rett Og Vrang

Here's a pretty little blanket that looks like "card #3" tuck.  But I'm not sure exactly, nor do I quite understand the very attractive waffly variation, since the browser translator made such a hash of Norwegian to English.  Some pages translate better than others, and this time, Bing couldn't find the words.

I just love Card #3.  I know it's not very original of me, but I like to change colors for the rows of bumps for contrast.

Any insights on what I'm missing in the translation?


  1. This is what it says using Google Translate. It's a little clearer, but not much:

    There are certainly some who have been with her work volunteering that takes place across the country - the Amanda Project. I have knitted most socks, but also some vottepar and blankets. During the past year have declined recipe changed several times. NOW it is finished and posted here. It has taken some time, given! Later versions will surely build on it.

    The picture above is a small blanket. It is knitted on the machine. In the electronic machines there are many ready-made patterns. I think I spent 2 This is the one and it is very convenient! It can be used on both RS and WS.

    It's not so easy to see the difference. It's like, what is it fine, so I like this pattern well. Then there will be a few Christmas blankets Amanda project and this trend will probably also to be gradually ... in other colors.

  2. I copied the text directly into Google translate and it worked!
    But she doesn't give any details on the stitch...

  3. I've been using pattern number 276 from the Stitch World Pattern Book. It is tuck :-)