Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pretty, But...

This is a lovely handknitted lace knit along project shown at Marnie, speak! 

As nice as the lace is, some thoughts from a hand/machine knitter -

1.  I like bigger shawls.  I don't "get" these garments that are less than a shawl but more than a scarf...they look like the knitter lost patience and quit early.

2.  This would be so lovely blocked!  I really think I'd like it smoothed out.


  1. Hmm, I don't get them either, it's as if they ran out of yarn. More of a collar look which can also be sweet.

    This would look great with a good blocking and or pressing, it is pretty.

  2. I wouldn't call that a shawl, rather a shawlette. They're very popular among hand-knitters right now, and are usually worn with the "back" hanging down the front, and the two ends wrapped around the neck, like a kerchief. I actually prefer shawlettes to shawls, and am going to try to make one or several myself on the machine using its lace capabilities.