Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sometimes we win...sometimes, the computer does!

Greta phoned and gave me the latest installment in her figuring out mirror image lace on the 970.  Basically, the concept of mirror image lace on a Brother is that you put the lace carriage on the opposite side, flip the pattern either with a variation key or by turning over the punch card, and you can make lace that's a mirror image of the regular pattern.  This can be very, very pretty when the lace has a diagonal pattern.  Obviously, there's no point if the pattern is symmetrical.

Greta wanted to make a mirror-image shawl, but she was having a problem with the Brother 970's control box.

Not much stops Greta, and she solved her problem.  Basically, she fooled the computer by telling it that the pattern was for the K carriage.  The 970 doesn't know she's using the lace carriage and doesn't obstruct her efforts.

To do the Enchanted Edgings on the 970 (which Greta pioneered, as well - thank you, Greta) you do the same thing.  You tell the machine you're doing fair isle, but you use the lace carriage and the knit carriage both.  The whole thing is so peculiar I put up a video showing how to do Enchanted Edgings on the 970.

We also often tell the Passap E6000 fibs, just to get the knitting programmed and the job done.

I was especially happy to hear Greta beat the computer, considering that lately I've been feeling beaten up by computers.  Right now, I have the Knitnatters club site under construction.  I have put a lot of the old content back up, still have to do pictures, and plan to put up some extra demos, patterns and newer photos to freshen up the site.  Give me another couple weeks, then go have a look.  The other thing I'm doing while I'm in there is emphasizing our Yahoo group. 

Knit Natters is about to have some of the best meetings of the year.  We have the carpool to the DFW seminar coming up, then the Kid 'n Ewe coming up, and in December, our holiday party. 

Why the big, and admittedly overdue knit club website redo?  Because I messed up the old site inadvertently.  I am using Microsoft Front Page, and the software befuddled me. 

I think I am finally getting the hang of Front Page again; however, I may not use it again for some number of months and be just as stupid next time.  I hope not! 

John pointed out this evening that I don't have "Wear Your Diamonds" on the latest shopping site.  This is quite a humbling experience...oh well, a project for another day.


  1. Diana, Can you elaborate a little more on mirror image? I get how you tell the 970 it's doing fairisle, but am not understanding exactly what you mean in this post. Is it like doing a scarf and one side is a mirror image of the other side? I've made a couple of shawls/scarves with your enchanted edgings and they turned out really pretty!
    Thanks for your help.

  2. Mar, what we need is a photograph. My mirror image shawls are gorgeous, but the general consensus is that they are too complicated for a knitter unless she has patience. I'll try & dig up a photo or maybe take one.