Friday, August 16, 2013

How to Contact Me

It is always best NOT to ask questions as comments on my blog posts.  I do try to answer them, but how will you find the answers?  I guess the answers might help someone else, if my answers were any good.  :)

The best way to contact me is to email me.  I do not type my email address into blog posts, because that will expose me to even more spammers than have me now.   There's an email link on the left-hand side of this blog, though, which looks like an envelope, and it's down below the "About Me" section.

I do answer emails daily.  I answer questions, when I can; I'll also let you know if I don't understand the question or I have no idea how to solve the problem.


  1. Just be careful and check that a hacker hasn't grabbed your envelope link, Diana. Our guild secretary had gone to an MK site, and clicked on the same type of thing to contact the site owner, and sure enough she got hammered with a horrendous virus that cost her $100 to eradicate.

  2. Other than test the link, I don't know how to prevent such a problem. If someone had my login for Blogger, I know they could hack any link on the site...

    Being on the internet is a risky business, but it's also one of the best ways to promote machine knitting and help knitters.

  3. You are very helpful, no need to talk, I listen to your hands from your video-school. I do not understand English, but I write to thank you for sharing! Cristina