Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sneak Peek

My video for September will show how to make these inset cables:

It's another way to add more color and texture to your knits.  I used it to join panels in a blanket, but wouldn't it be nice on a sweater?

Our knit club is doing laprobes in October, and I was playing around with fun ways to join panels. When I came up with this easy little technique, I thought it was demonstration-worthy, and managed to film it on my new camera, then get the video edited.

The project itself is a baby blanket.  This was the old "use the stuff that's already in the house" sort of project.  I knew a blanket out of the variegated yarn would be skimpy, so I added one ball of pink yarn to make the joining stripes and the edgings.

Here's a shot of the whole blanket, which can be knitted on a non-patterning midgauge, or change the yarn and calculations for a different machine.

I had one big skein of Bernat Softee baby yarn, which is a sport weight, group 3.  I made a gauge swatch that was 30 stitches by 33 rows, which is about a thousand stitches, then weighed it on a gram scale to see how far my yarn would go.  I calculated how many stitches that big ball of yarn would make, and then made 5 panels, each 240 rows by 34 stitches. I felt it would be a little skimpy without the joining cables, but they add 4" in width (about 1" each), and then the edging (a 4-stitch, 10 row worm) adds a little width, as well.   The finished blanket is a nice size.


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  2. Can't wait for the demo! Years ago I had a favorite store-bought sweater, which was plain white with different pastel-colored cables. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to replicate it!