Thursday, December 3, 2009

All Kinds of Updates

1. Still doing Weight Watchers; I am not as diligent as I could be during the holidays, but I have finally realized that I have to work at it all the time for the sake of my health.

2. Plugging away on the written instructions to go with the beginner machine knitting course. This is exciting! I'm slow, though, as I strive for a high-quality product.

3. Did a whole pile of original new lace edgings, what Ludmilla calls an "automatic" edging where the lace carriage does the increases and decreases. You still have to add and remove needles at the right time. I have a longstanding routine that I use for that, which I plan to show in a video, and it works for me. I haven't seen anyone else do it quite the way I do. You'll either want to try it or you'll think I'm odd and it's not for you. Y'all have no idea what a knitting lace nut I am (yet).

4. The Sullivans are well into the annual holiday frenzy. In honor of Christ's birth, such a beautiful and meaningful remembrance for Christians, we run in circles with shopping, mailing packages, decorating, Christmas cards, parties, church activities, and several birthdays in December plus our anniversary! Yesterday was my wonderful husband's birthday, and I hadn't gotten my act together. I worked through lunch, left the office early, and shopped on my way home. I had the gift, card and a special dinner ready when he walked in. We ate quickly together and then went to a party. We went to a party the night before, too. And tonight, I have a meeting. We're going to eat fast food together first. I'm very grateful to have faith, friends, and family, but December is a frantic month.

5. Steven, our 19-year-old, has decided to transfer from Fordham University in New York to Texas A&M, which is less than a 2-hour drive from our house! We're very happy about this. They have a special program he wants to study. Every single person I ever met who went to Texas A&M thought it was a wonderful college and has terrific things to say about it, so hopefully Steve will also be very happy there. When he comes home on Christmas vacation, we can arrange to move him.

6. John Patrick, our 25-year-old son, has decided to spend some vacation days at our house at the end of the year. He'll bring his labrador. Steve will be home. My husband John will be home. I'll be taking some days off right at the end of the month, too. We'll have Steve's friends in and out, and two dogs, and it'll be fun. It's quite possible that I will get some knitting done!

7. Our anniversary on the 21st will be our 35th anniversary. We haven't planned anything special, but we're a couple of lovebirds and "still crazy after all these years," to quote the old Simon and Garfunkel song.

8. Just 'cause I'm busy and not getting vids up right now, don't wonder if I'm discouraged or wandering away from doing knitting videos. I plan to do lots more in 2010.

9. Knit Natters has its annual gift exchange and party on Saturday the 12th. We bring something we made or something knitting related for the gift exchange. I haven't decided what to bring, except that I am probably NOT bringing socks again this year. Pat and Sara ARE doing a holiday craft hands-on activity with us! Yes! Of course, new people are welcome at the Christmas party! Email me. In January we will go back to regular club meetings with knitting demonstrations.


  1. Hi Diana,
    What I call automatic lace is NOT manual in any way.

    The pattern is made in such a way that the machine does all the increases & decreases
    which form the edges fully automatically!

    All achieved by lace & Knit carriages.

    Regards, Milla

  2. Ludmilla, you clever rascal, you! Have you written a book or anything? I bet people would love to have that!

    So, do you use the free pass settings on the main carriage to not knit the necessary needles? I guess you'd select the needles to actually knit with the lace carriage.

    My method takes an extra second or two, but I can use some unmodified lace patterns to do it.

  3. It doesn't work the same way for all Lace edging patterns & BTW there are several OZ Knitters who have used this method at one time or another.
    No free passes are used, it's basically slipping!
    The edge in-or decreases are regulated by the Lace carriage, then the needles come out of work by slipping.

    As said, not all laceedgings will work the same way.

    Happy knitting,

  4. Free pass, part buttons, slipping, I'm using them as synonyms.

    But you do have to program a different chart to do it, like we do with round doilies.

    Still think a book about it would be awesome! Have any of the OZ knitters done a book that you know of?

  5. Not to my knowledge. although Anne Bayes
    has written several Lace Books with Brother Disks.

    Anyway Susanna Lewis has several examples in her 1986 book starting on page 222.

    Anything similar would be a breach of Intellectual copyright!

    That's MHO.