Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Video - Dyeing Wool Sock Yarn With Kool-Aid

Here's my newest video, filmed on my new hi-def camcorder:


  1. Diana

    Great video. I agree about the new digital camera.
    It make a huge difference in the quality.


  2. The new camera is great! I can't wait to see what it looks like when you film at the knitting machine. So often the videos that are out there aren't very good--there is too much reflection off the metal needles, and the camera doesn't seem to know what to focus on.
    Up here, I can get only about 4 flavours of Kool Aid. I've also used the Ice Blue colour and loved it. I have seen websites with great Kool Aid dye 'recipes' and have seen over 18 flavours listed! For other colours (I get orange, red, green and blue here), I use Wilton's icing dyes.

  3. Great video! You have given me inspiration! I have all the material now, so I will jump in and do it. Thanks for the video!


  4. That was really interesting...I've read about it, but never seen it shown so nicely. I'd love to see a picture of the yarn knitted up! Thanks for the new video!
    pam in northern illinois

  5. Oh - some socks knitted from the Kool-Aid dyed yarn are shown here:

    Several colors, including this tye-dyed blue.


  6. Love this video Diana and I was so inspired, I skeined up some 4ply natural wool cone yarn and tried the cherry colour. I got great colour, but unfortunately the dyeing is uneven and some spots are just plain white!!!

    Now, I did add vinegar to the dye bath before the colour. Any ideas on why I didn't get even colour?

  7. It's difficult to get the dye even. First of all, you need the hanked yarn thoroughly soaked, and you have no control over how evenly there is oil or wax from manufacturing on that yarn. You could gently launder it, I suppose.

    Next problem is that the Kool-Aid pigment gets on the yarn SO FAST that you've got to get the yarn submerged very quickly and swished enough to get the dye inside the hank. So lots of stirring is needed before and after you dump the yarn. Many other dyes will take longer and hotter treatment to dye, but they'll be more even. I'm just into those Kool-Aid pastels and my fruity socks!

    I dyed some maroon once; it took lots of Kool-Aid and I got it pretty even, but I overdyed it several times to get there.

    I tried vinegar and maybe it helps a little. I would like to try baby shampoo or some detergent to strip the wool's oil a little and act as a wetting agent.

    The good news is your variegated cherry will probably knit up beautifully marbled. I have some variegated cherry Kool-Aid socks somewhere.

  8. Strip the wool with Dawn. Baby shampoo has lanolin in it & will ad more oil. Sheryl

  9. Diana, hi!
    Thank you for the great videos!
    I watched your tutorial on KA dying.
    I got a nice lavander color - 1 packet of Grape flavor KA for about 60-70 gr of baby pants. You can look at the color on Ravelry -
    or here -
    Thank you for your work,
    ~ Iryna from OR

  10. Wow, Iryna, those projects are very cute! Are the baby pants the variegated ones with lavender, blue, aqua?

    Are the lacy things crocheted, or are some knitted and some crocheted? Curious...I do both, or course, like most of us fanatics.

    Could I post the pic on the blog?

    Thanks for showing me!

  11. Hi Diana,,
    just found here a chart of Cool-Aid dyed wool. Basis is white wool. Perhaps you are still interessted in it.