Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Resolutions & New Videos

After putting over a hundred videos up on YouTube over these past few months, we decided I must be pretty serious about this project and we ought to invest in better equipment. John and I purchased a high-definition camcorder and new video editing software so I can work in true high-definition resolution.

I was pretty dazzled by the camera after I got it working last night - took footage of my little dog and could see his individual hairs when we played it back through the television!

Naturally, the next step was to shoot a knitting video! I wanted to do something fun, so I filmed a video on dyeing sock yarn with Kool-Aid. John calls it "Dyeing With Diana" which isn't very nice, but I'll let that go. Kool-Aid dyeing is great fun, and maybe I'll put up a sock project, on the flatbed and not my circular sock machine, to go with the dyeing video. One luxury a machine knitter ought to indulge is the desire for wonderful, soft real wool socks, machine-washable besides.

I have plugged away at learning the new video software and at making this first video file. This software and camera will allow me to create DVDs with genuine high-resolution to make it easier to see what I'm doing as I demonstrate knitting. I go into the New Year determined to create higher-quality videos, and the new equipment plus the many lessons I've learned so far will help me get there. I'll be able to create true DVD disks, but I'm concerned about how large those files will be and how much will fit on one disk.

YouTube videos fit in the little box, which reduces the resolution anyway. I am creating the YouTube file and am curious how much better it will look than what I had in the past. We'll soon see, won't we?

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