Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Knit Natters Annual Holiday Party and Gift Exchange

Knit Natters met on Saturday at Barbara's house, and had a great time. We had a good-sized group, lots of potluck food, and our usual crazy holiday gift exchange.

I kept my camera handy.

The first group of pictures are some highlights from the gift exchange. We bring something handmade, draw numbers, and do the swap-and-steal routine with them. This was a very lively exchange with more theft than I have ever seen! Here's a tote bag made by Mildren Beeson, held by its lucky winner, Sara. Next, Tiffany holding the item Sara brought (I won it. Perfect for me, holds an entire afghan!), a very large tote handwoven out of plastic grocery bags on a triangle loom. It's very soft and strong! Next item, Pat's show-and-tell item, a Knit Picks knitting tote with pockets and stiffening so it stands up. Next, Rose and Mary on the couch, and Mary's showing the scarf and hat that Tiffany (8 years old now!) made. This was "stolen" a couple times and I don't know who ended up with it. Next pic is Tiffany holding the chicken potholder that Rose knitted, also stolen. I am not sure who snagged it. Rose says she found the chicken pattern in a Charlene Shafer book. Next picture is Rose holding the crocheted shopping bags she originally got in the gift exchange, also "stolen," and went to somebody else, I think.

The next batch of photos pertain to our craft for the day. I think this was our best ever, but I realize that I always say that! Sara, who has made countless little fairies crafted from floral wire, wooden beads, wool roving, silk flowers, hot glue and other magic ingredients, showed us how to make them. Pictured are several of the samples Sara brought to our club meeting. Although I am hot-glue-gun-challenged, I am very proud of mine; she's a little girl riding on a red butterfly, and she's hanging in a prominent spot on my Christmas tree.

That last picture is Tiffany showing Barbara's show-and-tell project. She stood patiently while Barbara's wazoos were piled on her and I was getting the shot. Barbara has already made slippers for some deployed troops, and now she's doing wazoos, warm hats with long tails that can be wrapped around the neck for warmth.

At this meeting, we generally celebrate another year of Knit Natters! Month after month, Barbara Deike has hostessed this meeting at her house, even though she's got a very busy full-time job, a long commute, and a little granddaughter, Tiffany, to look after. Barbara has simply included Tiffany in everything, and she's one of us, even making a fancy project for the gift exchange. Barbara has been an incredible organizer and we are all very grateful for what she has done.

In January, we go back to our "normal" meeting format, which includes a Brother demo and a Passap demo. If you can make it, we'd love to have you!

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