Friday, November 4, 2011

DAK 7 on Windows 7 Laptop

I do a lot of my knit designing in DAK 7 Professional.  I also have the lace tool, but don't use that as much as I thought I would, having previously taken the time to learn to create lace patterns without the tool.

My new laptop runs Windows 7 Professional.  It came with Windows 7 Home version, which I liked just fine, but I decided to upgrade so the computers I used would be about the same.  I also wanted to try the XP Mode in Windows 7 and see is good old DAK 7 would run on it.  You don't get the XP Mode in Windows 7 unless you buy the Professional version. 

You also have to fool around with installing the XP Mode and Virtual PC.  This entails a trip to, where you must follow the directions.  I must be directions-challenged today, because I actually struggled until I finally got my Windows validated and downloaded both the XP mode and the Virtual PC.  Then I installed them, rebooted, and got the familiar old XP screen, where I could install DAK.

Now I'm waiting for Irene at Knitcraft to send me a new KEY code so I can do that.

Oh, bother.  I do believe DAK is worth whatever hassle is seems to cause.  Besides, we machine knitters are tough cookies! 

I am not in love with Microsoft Windows 7 and wonder why the MS people had to change a good thing and make some of our old software not work anymore!  Do I sound like a griping old lady yet?  Any minute?  We've had Windows 7 at work for years, and it's got all sorts of features that mostly confuse us, especially security features that seem to keep you out of your own files!

DAK is just wonderful software, and I'm unaware of anything truly comparable, even though there are other knitting design products available.  Irene just told me that they have the DAK 8 in stock and are shipping it.  I had heard it was out of stock, but it's available again, so next week after my current DAK thing is done, I'm going to pack up the old disk and some money and order the new one.  Of course, I must have the new DAK!  I've been upgrading DAK since


  1. Did you ever get this to work? Inquiring minds & all that. -cat

    1. I decided to upgrade to DAK 8. It runs great on my laptop, and I still have that laptop. I like DAK 8, just haven't had enough time to use it as much as I'd like to.