Sunday, November 6, 2011

Do the Math - Round Yokes

I've worked through the shaped Entrelac techniques, and now I need to do the charting for the sweaters.  I want my upcoming book to have several sizes and several gauges.  I've been lazy, though, about starting on all the math - I typically spend a great many hours calculating, then checking and re-checking the numbers.

A round yoked sweater is a variation of the raglan sweater.   You have to shorten the area above the armhole shaping to accomodate the yoke, and then you absolutely must curve the body block to fit the yoke.  If you don't do that curve, an ugly bulge forms along where the yoke meets the body, and it will never look right:

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  1. Diana: Do you have DVD's regarding KH210 machines using the cards?