Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day - Knit for the Troops!

Celebrate Veterans Day by doing something for the young men and women who are being deployed to Afghanistan from Ft. Hood, Texas.  Or, do something for some of the soldiers you know!

Here is some information regarding this project:

1.  Join the Yahoo Group of knitters and crafters making things for the troops.

2.  Knit the Big, Fat Slippers for a soldier!

3.  Or, knit the felted variation of the Big, Fat Slippers for a soldier.

4.  Slice some fleece for quick, easy warm scarves.

5.  Knit Tom's Troop Cap and improve your circular knitting technique, while you're at it.

6.  Got a Passap E6000?  Knit Barbara's troop afghan or knit your favorite DJ afghan.

7.  Check out this hexagon afghan that would make a great soldier gift.

8.  Or, how about this pattern, the Luxury Throw, where I've got an interesting little tweak on English Rib for a fast ribber afghan on a bulky machine (yes, you can make it on the standard, but increase the stitches).

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