Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Machine Knitted Enchanged Edging - Sea Serpent

Do you think my edging names are lame?  Please send suggestions....

Both edges on this one are rolled, but the rolling reduces the scallop on the fancy edge.


  1. Your edging names are cool! And that one most surely fit the edge! It looks like a serpent,under water with the waves above. Really pretty :)

  2. Jo is right!
    Underwater serpent is very apt for this one.

  3. Who says a lace edging has to always have a scalloped edge?

  4. Lace edges don't need a scalloped edge. If you want them straight, just use ordinary lace patterns.

    I like scalloped edges, though, and because they generally involve increases and decreases, they can be a lot of work. My programmed stitch patterns make them easy and automatic hence, "enchanted." (Tongue firmly in cheek. It's programming.) I am also looking for strategies to reduce rolling, and scallops seem to help.

    Most of my edgings have increases and decreases to make the scallop, but this one is unusual.

    This particular edge (Sea Serpent) is an edge that always has the same number of stitches. I use this lace setup a lot in my doily outside edges, but without the rolled edge. It looks a little scalloped, though, because it subtly moves in and out because of the slant of the stitches.

  5. Answered the phone today to discover that a cousin has had her baby.

    I.e.: Time for me to finish the baby blanket. Are you close to publishing your lace edges? I would like to use this one for the blanket....

  6. Amei o site e os vídeos do YouTube só descobri você agora, mas tenha certeza de que vou estar aqui sempre que tiver tempo. Um abraço. Nilma

  7. Que bom que você me encontrou, e estou impressionado, se você falar Português e ainda se beneficiar os vídeos! Diana