Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Enchanted Edging - Fairy Godmother's Lace

This lace edge is a fancy thing, appropriate for a very special project, or maybe to wear to the ball.

This is yet another edge that is only 24 stitches wide, so it could be done with a Brother punch card machine with lace capability.


  1. Love Love Love Love this!
    do you have any idea of when the book/DVD will be out, Diana?
    If it'll be during the summer, please consider this as a pre-order as I'm afraid it'll be sold out!

  2. This is very pretty! all of them. Are you planning a book or a DVD?

  3. It's going to be a book/disk set. I need the disk for the e-files of the patterns, plus the visual of the knitting procedure, and I need the book for the charts for folks who punch cards or program in the squares.

  4. I will keep my eyes open then. I have been wanting the garder bar one, but will hold off to save on shipping....IF I can wait that is.