Saturday, June 12, 2010

What I'm Up To & Photo of My Own Foot

Knit Natters meets today, and I need a demo.  I already showed them the lace edgings technique, and I wanted something new. 

Nothing motivates me to keep learning and trying new things like belonging to a knit club.  Plus, they are the most wonderful ladies!

So, here is a sock that's been living in my head for a while now: a lace sock for flatbed machine knitters with an interesting (easier than it looks) construction method.  I was "up before breakfast" as my mother used to say, and got this baby figured out and this first sample knitted before coffee (the real thinking happened in the wee hours). 

This is my prototype, first attempt, and the cuff is a little short, but that's easily fixed.  And yikes, I took the picture myself, rather a contortion.  We machine knitters really are odd people, photographing our own feet.


  1. I'd love to hear how you knit these! Thanks for your blog :)

  2. So, these beauties can be knit without a ribber? Where's the pattern???