Monday, June 7, 2010

Rapunzel's Braid Enchanted Edging

Well, it has a kind of braided look.  I always loved Rapunzel.  I saw some TV version of the story as a kid, and she had yards and yards of shiny, thick blonde braided hair...a braid almost too fat for your hand.

Mmm, now that I think about it, the whole story really is sick.  Nobody would write Rapunzel for today's children!  Let's see, it involves child kidnapping, raising a child as an isolated prisoner, and running off with some strange guy in defiance of the adult authority figure.

But you all can understand, I was into how pretty she was and how beautiful her long, long hair was!  The prince was a cutie, too, as I recall.

This is just 24 stitches again.  I'm planning to include a few that require electronics and are wider, but the vast majority of the edgings are  24-stitch ones!

This one is multiple transfer lace, requiring 6 passes of the lace carriage - and if I didn't have the main carriage selecting as well, it would require eight passes.

I picking up speed on the Enchanted Edgings!  I had computer problems over the past month, but now I have my computer working at home, and my video editor working (put the new YouTube up yesterday), so there's forward motion again.


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