Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time in a Bottle

"...there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them..."

A while back, I photographed all the lace edges I had so far and scheduled them out about as one a day blog posts for the next couple weeks.  We're partway through the photo blog entries now.  I promise, there are some Good Ones still to come.

Got the basic video all planned.  First, I show the scalloped lace technique, then show my old way of knitting it, then show the new method.  Hopefully that can be done in ten minutes for YouTube.

For the disk with the book, I also include a few other practical techniques related to the subject.   No 10-minute limit on that!  That DVD disk also has to contain all the electronic files for the edgings.  I realize you can record video and files on the same disk.  But have I done something like that before?  Noooooo...

John and I talk about a disk without a book, or a download, but I've purchased those before, and always find myself printing them out.  I like to have paper next to the machine, and I bet other people are the same way.  Therefore, a book plus a video seems best to me.

Got the book planned.  Got the disk planned.  Got it done?  Noooooo.....and I've got a very busy June planned, much of which is Not Knitting Related.

Well, if it has to take forever, so be it. I'll shoot for a quality product.

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