Thursday, May 10, 2012

Golf Club Covers

The Austin CPA Chapter has a scholarship fundraiser tomorrow night, and I asked one of those young, handsome Scouter guys at work what I could take to the silent auction.  He knows I knit, and he suggested I knit golf club covers.  I asked what they should look like, and he said they should be loud and crazy with pom-poms, in a set of three.  He said silent auctions often have too many tempting items for the ladies and some mens' items are needed.

So - I whipped these simple ones out.  I bought burnt orange colored yarn because I wanted to do UT colors.  We have some avid UT alums and fans who golf.  Not that "Hook em!" is a good motto for a golfer.  :)

I have some Texas A&M colors, too, which are left over from Steven's sweater, but I'm out of time.  This is Austin, and lots of our CPAs are from UT here in town.

Here's the "recipe:"  Using worsted weight yarn, on my Brother bulky, I cast on and knit 56 rows of ribbing on tension 2.  I transferred all the stitches to the main bed, then knitted on tension 6 about 30 rows, including the stripes.  Then I shaped the tops by decreasing with my garter bar - move 5 stitches over by one (using my garter bar decrease method) so there are 4 stitches, then a decrease, all across; knit 2 rows, then decrease in groups of 4 on across; knit 2 rows, then decrease in groups of 3; knit 2 rows, then decrease in groups of 2 so every stitch except the two end ones are doubled up.  Knit 2 rows, cut a long end and use a needle to pull it through the open loops.

To sew up, sew through the open loops at the top twice and pull up tight, then mattress stitch down the side.  Hide ends.  Add goofy pom-pom. 

By the time I did the fourth one (my prototype is quite fun, in self-striping yarn, but not the UT theme I had in mind for the party), I was knocking them out in 20 minutes, and I'm not a very fast knitter.  Of course, that's not counting the sewing job or making the pom-poms.

UPDATE:  The covers sold at the party, at a good price.  I'm sure they appealed to the bidders because of the Longhorn colors.  I could use school colors without violating trademark rights and make a UT fan/golfer happy.  Now I need to knit more for another benefit party, and I plan to make both UT and A&M ones this time, and have an idea or two to embellish them and make them even more fun.

I broke down and bought a pom pom maker at Hobby Lobby that I hope is easier to use than my folded cardboard method.

The stripes, by the way, indicate which club you put them on.  With them marked, you don't have to pull them all off to find the right club.


  1. I love the idea of making stripes to match the golf club's number. Well done, these will sell in a flash!

  2. Those are neat. Are the stripes just random, or a way to tell which number club is under the cover?