Monday, May 28, 2012

New Videos Today

Remember the golf club covers?  Well, they were fairly fast and easy, and by the time I made three sets of three covers apiece to auction off for charity, I had them down to a routine, so I filmed one of the last ones I knitted.  Yesterday, as I was going through some video that I haven't released yet (I actually have three items, this one, a pom-pom maker one, and one my husband did) I decided to get this edited and up, thinking it was a fun little project y'all might enjoy.

Surprise, surprise!  Until I started editing, I didn't realize that this video is quite educational, including some techniques I have never shown on video before.  I had to go a little bit fast to get it into 2 ten minute You Tube videos.  Note that I didn't use numbers in the machine's memory - I worked them out and put them in the console using the "input" keys.  I hold up my messy printout at one point and you can see where I changed the pattern numbers and added or removed a stitch.  I know, another video one day. 

In these videos, you'll find the following techniques:

1.  1x1 ribbing with a traditional cast-on and on a bulky so you can see it easily.  Now this, I've shown how to do before, but you do need it for the covers.

2.  Stripes where I just feed in another color for one row.  Not exactly an advanced technique, but a great way to dress up a project.

3.  Single motif fair isle!  As I was editing this video, I thought about all the times folks have asked me to demonstrate this, and here it is.  I think I do a pretty good job of showing how to wrap the motif to avoid holes.

4.  A garter bar decreasing technique for the tops that creates a smooth, rounded "crown."  I know, it's only golf club covers, but I wanted the tops to look great.  This is just what you need to watch if you want to do hats with this hand-knit-look crown. 

Here's the number chart - be sure to set the left-to-right reverse variation.

Video #1 of 2:

Video #2 of 2:


  1. Diana, though I'm not a golfer, nor am I likely to make golf club covers, the techniques used in these videos are so useful! I really, really appreciate the "real time" of the videos. You don't rush, we get to see you doing the full technique. It's so easy to understand and absorb ALL of the steps.

    Thank you!

  2. Como todos los videos que realizas está enriquecedor, técnicas nuevas, diferentes y muy bien explicadas. Felicitaciones Diana!