Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm Back

We got home late Saturday from the Triangle Machine Knitters seminar, and Sunday was busy with all that weekend stuff - necessaries like attending church and buying groceries.  I had to do a long de-briefing with John and tell him blow-by-blow how much I loved going to Raleigh, and believe it or not, the dear man likes listening to all that talk.  How going to knit seminar is like having a whole roomful of instant friends, so that it's sad to leave, what worked and what didn't, and what a wonderful time I had on this particular seminar.  

I went promptly back to work on Monday, and what a busy week this has been! On my day job, I'm working on a number of terrific projects and feeling useful.

Now the dust has really settled and I'm pretty much back to my old routine.  I'm not worn out from seminar, not frantic, and most of the things I didn't do while I was getting ready to go and while I was gone are caught up! 

One thing to do pretty darn soon is advertise "Wear Your Diamonds" - list it for sale on the blog and on eBay.  This shaped Entrelac is SUCH an easy machine knitter's technique and yet looks so fancy!  Just making little blocks...hum de dum...and I did the math to turn the little blocks into round yokes for sweaters.  It actually is a very boring demo at seminar.  Too simple.  I like knitting it while listening to audio books, it's that mindless. 

The Diamonds books were pretty well-received at the two seminars, and it'll be fun to see how my mail order customers like Diamonds.

We have a Knit Natters club meeting coming up on the second Saturday of May.  Suzanne and Margareth are doing demos - one is machine maintenance and the other, crochet. 

John and I are trying to rent out our recently vacated townhouse in Huntington Beach. My sister Sharon, who lives nearby, is showing the place for us to lots of interested people.  It's a 2-bedroom cute little condo (houses there are much smaller for the money than they are here) on a marina with a good-sized boat slip and a nice garage. A couple of years ago my sister looked at the small patio fountain and decided that rather than have it run constantly, it'd make a pretty fish pond. She reports the fish are still doing fine after two years, and the water lily is blooming!  Sharon knows how to make a self-sustaining fishpond and always has pretty Koi and water plants. 

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