Monday, May 7, 2012

NEW - Diana's Shaped Entrelac Book "Wear Your Diamonds"

Lots of machine knitters have realized that Entrelac is easy to do on the machine.  All you need is a sensible, straightforward method and you're off and running.  In fact, Entrelac is habit-forming!

If you love round yoke pullovers, this book is for you.  The round yokes are shaped Entrelac, easily made by changing the size of the blocks.  They are knitted using a seamless technique and waste yarn.  The only triangles you have to do are at the top and bottom of the yoke.  For most of the yoke, you only have to deal with a few needles in the center of the machine at a time!  And, there is very, very little counting. 

The yokes are knitted first, starting with waste yarn, and then the body pieces are knitting working from the yoke down the sleeve or down the body to the hem.  There is a special technique to make a beautiful transition from stockinette stitch to Entrelac.  It's easy and it looks terrific, even up close, even though the Entrelac diamonds are a radically different gauge from the stockinette sleeves and body. 

The book contains both mid-gauge and bulky gauges and sizes for children, women and men.  The sizes run from a child's 4 to a man's 48, limited only by the number of needles on a machine.  To make it easier to follow a size, the book contains  colored size charts.  Find your gauge, then find your size, and it's easy to follow your column by looking for the color. 
The book also contains shaped Entrelac hats - an easy introduction to the technique.  These are great-looking, warm hats with an excellent smooth crown technique to join the Entrelac blocks beautifully at the top of the head.   These also come in sizes for children and adults in both mid-gauge and bulky gauges. 

Keeping to our commitment to quality products and no skimpy instructions, the set also includes detailed narrative instructions, lots of color photos, and a DVD with detailed, close-up video of how to knit these.
Why the DVD?  Well, our customers have been very emphatic that DVDs are tremendously helpful for following machine knitting instructions and techniques.  DVDs work.  We can put a tremendous amount of information on one 2-hour DVD, and we do!  This one not only shows how to knit the hat and the yoke, it shows the sweater shaping and ribbing finishing.  There is even an extra section about how to knit ribbing successfully - without a ribber - at the END of a knitted piece.

SPECIAL DEAL:  Don't you think there ought to be a special, since we usually do one when we introduce a new item?  Well, let's have one!  Since Diana recently taught at two seminars, there are some nice goodies left.  With any purchase of "Wear Your Diamonds," we'll send along the Diana's Favorite Demos disk or the Triangle Machine Knitters handout booklet - your choice.  Let us know which one you'd like.  This is just until we run out of disks and books...


  1. This was wonderful to knit! So relaxing and works up fast, beautiful results. I am sure your customers will love the book and DVD.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to test knit this.


  2. Yeah! The book I have been waiting for :-) The whole family going to get entrelac'd this Xmas.
    Thank You! written 100 times on the blackboard!
    Shine ON*

  3. I ordered this and just got the shipping notification, but there wasn't a place to tell you which "Special Deal" I wanted. Were there none left? Or did you just choose for me? I guess it will be a surprise, then. LOL!

  4. I ordered this and just got the shipping notification, but there wasn't a place to tell you which "Special Deal" I wanted. Were there none left? Or did you just choose for me? I guess it will be a surprise, then. LOL!

  5. Happily anticipating the arrival of my purchase which was a birthday present from my Mom.

  6. Hi Heidi,
    You can add special Instructions during the payment process. You - add to cart - view cart - check out with paypal button - log into paypal - see bottom of first information square where your address is shown. Here is a line saying: special instructions to seller followed ba a clickqble button. There you can add what you need to.
    Unfortunately this is not much highlighted.

    Got the entrelac too and want to start, but have to wait until my flu is over.
    Andrea in Switzerland