Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Knit In"

The Knit Natters are planning a "knit-in" for August.  We are going to a spend a whole day (second Saturday, as usual) at a local church knitting and sewing up slippers for the troops.

It has become clear that warm slippers are our Afghanistan troops favorite knitted item.  It's cold there at night.

If anyone would like to participate, go to our Yahoo Group, knitnatters, and join up.  It's not difficult, and you'll get all our chatter about Central Texas MK.

UPDATE:  The golf covers were bundled with two golf packages they were selling at live auction last night.  They had a UT package and an A&M package, complete with school-colors coolers, and my club covers were a natural fit.  They got several hundred dollars for each package, and it was fun to be involved in that.  I got to talk to one of the couples who got a set, and he's an avid golfer and going to use them today.  These fundraisers are a blast, anyway!

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