Saturday, August 4, 2012

A few more knitting pics

Tom's Troop Afghan
Jim V Cloche
Diana's Teddy Bear
Barbara's Baby Set
Tonya's Q Code Scarf
More inspiration for a hot summer day.  Blogger is quite the pill with uploading pictures, so I'm putting more in this post.


  1. Diana,

    Where can I get that adorable dog sweater pattern???

    Jo Anne

  2. Tom? Is the great doggy sweater pattern on your blog? Or could you share it with us?

    How big is Mikey? My little dog is 20#. Diana

  3. Is there a pattern for the cloche? Was it knit with a ribber or flat bed. It's pretty!

  4. Sorry the pattern isn't on my blog, but, I will type it up and post it by tomorrow! Love to share ideas and patterns. Mikey, today is his birthday, he's 1 today! This is his estimated DOB, he weighs in at 26lbs; Sheltie/Terrier mx.

    As soon as I post the pattern I will send Diana the link.

  5. As promised, here is the link to Mikey's Dog Sweater pattern.