Saturday, August 4, 2012

Knitting photos....

Another Sweater for Tom's Mikey
Mary Miller's Doubled Charity Hats
Mar's Lace Scarf
Jim V's Fluffy Hat
Marg's Entrelac Hat
Tom's Mikey in His Sweater
Greta's Slipper Socks

It's Saturday morning, and pretty soon I'll go back to work on the slipper book.  But first, I go to blogger, where I follow about 65 of the best knitting-related blogs I can find (if you know of a good one I might not be following, drop me a line), and what do I see?  Knitting?  A few sewing pictures.

Greta's Hat & Tam

Andrea's Hat
Carol's Shamal Crossover
No worries, I have readers who send me awesome pics.  I've run some of them before, and there are a lot of Tom's pictures (thank you, Tom!), and I know y'all will enjoy some inspiring knitting pictures before you hit your own machines on a hot summer day.

Blogger is misbehaving - too many for one post, more in the next post.
Jan's Baby Set
Jim V's Turquoise Hat


  1. Like to know more about 'Jim V's' hats. His own pattern, or whose? Very nice! And love Mikey. I used to knit turtlenecks for my doggy too.

  2. Yes, aren't Jim's hats elegant? I don't know what the pattern is, though.

    Tom's Mikey is so cute. I'm a sucker for a cute dog, myself.

  3. Not sure if you follow me - it IS mostly machine knitting, but sometimes handknitting, crochet and sewing. :) I love catching up with MK "over the pond"