Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wonderful Knitting Pictures

Joe let me share a picture of his beautiful Entrelac blanket a while back, and now he's made the whole set to match and photographed the set on top of the blanket!

With the outfit on top of the blanket, I can see what a nice, big blanket this is.  I prefer slightly bigger baby blankets generally, just in case the kid keeps using it as he gets older.  The fair isle and stripes dress it up, and he has such beautiful workmanship!  Thanks for sharing the picture, Joe!

And Tom, bless him, has been testing my new No-Sew Slipper, gave me some great suggestions and corrections for the book, and shared pictures, as well.  He is such a good sport, diving in and trying out a pattern with peculiar assembly and no video, just a first draft narrative and a cryptic chart.

The first picture is the slipper with a black outside, looking good, and the right-hand picture shows it inside out.  Tom remarked in an email that he likes it inside out, that he thought the holes made a nice pattern, and in his color scheme, I agree. 
This came up in our knit-in here - could these slippers be made 100% reversible?  I think you could, if you were willing to take extra time to make full-fashion increases in the lining as well as full-fashion decreases in the outer, if you matched the tension and didn't mind it rolling at the back of the heel (the inside will be too big and will roll out), and if you did a very tidy job on the sew-as-you-go process for the lining.  You might get some wrinkling inside the toe, too, which would be uncomfortable, but since I haven't tried it, I'm not sure, and it makes me want to try one.  I guess I finally was satisfied with the slipper and stopped changing it.

Finally, are any of you QR Code users? They're a fast way to get to a website without doing any typing, and a possible knitting convenience.  For instance, if you have a smart phone with a QR Code reader installed, you could scan this, and it would go straight to a knitting video of the transfer tool bind-off with the chain edge, which you could watch on your smart phone while sitting at the machine.  As a matter of fact, I can point my IPhone at my screen, and the scan works.  I picked up QuickScan, a free QR code reader from the app store for free.  Try it!

Lesson 14 - Latch Tool Bind-Off with Chain Edge


  1. I just got a smart phone and one of the first things I wanted to try was the QR Code thing. Of course, then I couldn't find anything in the house to scan. I found one in a flyer (boring) and two on products, but they were too tiny and didn't work. It's fun, but since I don't have data, I can't do it when I go out places. I wish I could use my laptop to scan it though, rather than my phone, it's just too small for watching videos (although it would work in a pinch). I wonder if there is a scanner program for laptops? Once I get mine fixed....

  2. I love the QC codes just for that reason. Scanning a code to take you to a webpage is so quick and easy! They are also fun to send to people and let them scan to read. We used them all the time where I worked, especially for giving information and directions. I worked at a college and the kids all knew about them. They really liked the quick info that they could get and carry with them for later use.
    BTW, Quickmark for Mac, available in the App store for $4.00, is for desktops and laptops. It uses the built-in camera or has a special window to scan codes displayed on the screen. You can also read saved copies of barcodes that you saved or generated with it.
    It is also available for Android and Windows now, too. Check the website, for info about those platforms: http://www.quickmark.cn/En/basic/index.asp.
    And thanks Diana, for all of the great help your videos have provided. I have a collection of your DVD's too, and I love them. I have just retired and now I have time to learn how to use my machine better. So thanks again.