Wednesday, August 8, 2012


"Footnotes" is the working title of my slipper book.  John just makes a face, but I like the title, at least until I think of something better.  I'm not ready to call it a slipper book, because I have a sock in the book as well.

I'm busily, happily knitting sample slippers in the different styles, tuning up my patterns in the evenings.  This is a silver child's slipper (would probably fit a 9-year-old girl).  It only takes a dab of yarn to make these mocassin-style slippers, and this is leftover from the evening bag.  No, it's not terribly scratchy yarn.

Little girls like glitz.  I suppose the one thing that would make this better for most little girls is if it were pink and purple metallic.  Hey, why not indulge!

I am sentimental about the mocassin slipper pattern, because this is a little tweak on my VERY FIRST original pattern, cooked up just a few weeks after I got my very first machine (in the 1970s!).  The main thing I did to improve it for this new book was adding the I-cord as a finish around the back of the slipper (sew-as-you-go style), and it also threads through a beading row in the upper so you can adjust your slipper a little for fit.  'Way back then, what I did was use the sewing machine to zigzag on elastic.  This is easier and works better.

Today I got a wonderful treat - BJ from North Carolina sent me copies of the Carolinas Machine Knitting Guild Newsletter.  She has some of my articles in the newsletters, and lots of other information, recipes, patterns, and general fun.  I completely enjoyed getting the newsletters.  Isn't it wonderful how hard some club volunteers work to promote machine knitting?  I have written BJ to see how y'all can subscribe, if you choose.

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  1. I think "Footnotes" is a fantastic title! Don't change a letter!

    Love the moc slipper, too. May be another one I'll have to try. I like your double-lined bulky slippers so much, but these look like they could be made perfect for summer.