Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Felted Slippers

I wanted some felted slippers in colors to photograph for "Footnotes," since up to now I have made them with Lion Brand Fisherman Wool in neutral colors.  When Paton's Classic Wool was on sale at Joanns, I purchased three colors, pink, teal, and a blue/pink/lavender variegated.  I had no idea how the variegated would look felted, but I actually like it very much.  The two pair I have done, pictured on my washing machine, aka felting machine, are women's sizes.  I'll get the teal knitted later.  I am getting a pair out of a skein of yarn, but just barely; if I go up even one size, I'll need to purchase a second skein.
The Classic Wool felted very well.  I knitted the slippers very large and shrank them deliberately.  When I first put them in the washer, nothing seemed to happen.  They agitated in hot water a whole cycle with me checking every 5 minutes, and were still huge, but once they started to felt on the second time around, I had to check every minute, because they were shrinking so fast. 

"Footnotes" is coming along; I filmed and edited the Summer Mocs, and I think the video is very clear and instructive.  First I filmed the mocassins in an energetic, chipper mood, and when I finally got down to editing I realized I had gone too fast and occasionally, I accidentally covered the work with my hands.  Last night, I filmed again tired and slow, and it was actually much better. 

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