Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crazy Woman Puts Scarf In Tree

The hand knitting blogs are full of scarves, and why not? They're fashionable; they're a terrific gift item since you only have to deal with preferences and not fit; and they're an accessory to add a dash of color, feminity, or warmth to really make an outfit special.

This lacy scarf was made with a thin burgundy mohair blend, really a novelty yarn, and didn't use any lace techniques. The yarn has some other colors in it and some sparkle, but I stuck it in the magnolia tree to get some light behind it and show the lacy effect. We have a soft breeze today, which is why the tails are fanned out. The finished scarf weighs in at just over 3 ounces of yarn, yet it's a substantial scarf, 8" wide by almost 6 feet long, with some thickness.

I knitted it on the standard machine with ribber and using a tuck stitch and a simple 1x1 needle arrangement. I've filmed it, and it'll be on a video. Piece of cake, except that it's over 500 rows in length! Just keep on moving those weights up.

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