Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Bear

I need to be realistic about not having had much knitting time weekday evenings this week. Poor Valentine Bear is going to be late, probably knitted on time but the video won't be edited and up. If you want to make one, and you're good with directions and don't need the video, you can use the Teddy Bear Sweater along with this heart chart. Videos will have to come later.


  1. Hi Diana, I recieved the GB videos today & they are great!! I was a little disappointed that they wouldn't play on WMP or QT. I had the choice of buying a converter program or DVD playing software as I don't have one on my computer. Anyway, finally had that sorted out & watched them on QT. They are sooo much better than some of my other videos. Thx

  2. Sheryl, I hadn't tried playing them with WMP or QT. But they played in QT?

    These were intended for a DVD player and a hi-def television.