Friday, February 12, 2010

Video Survey Questions - Want Your Opinion

Would love to hear some opinions, folks.

Originally, some people wanted me to sell all my videos on CDs so they could play them on their computers, since YouTube can take forever to download if you don't have a high-speed connection. Do you think I should do that? (those materials do not make good DVDs for television play.)

Second question: do you plan to play my DVDs on your computer? I originally intended them to be played on a hi-def television with a DVD player, but maybe I need to do some research on how to play them on a computer. I found that because they are huge hi-def files, they took a horribly long time to load, but once loaded, played okay with the DVD software in my laptop.

I can be emailed at diana_knits AT (AT means @).


  1. I played it on my desk top, no problems no delay.

  2. Not everyone has HD equipment. My husband & I are perfectly happy with our 15 year old big screen TV. The DVD's will play just fine on the computer if you have a DVD player on your computer, such as winDVD. Most people have something like that. Also, it is pretty easy to convert the DVD's to another format if you have a program for that. I converted mine to QuickTime bc it is a free program. You might just offer the option of another format for people without HD. I have watched my GB videos a couple of times already & am trying to do the V neck neckband. (& I'm all thumbs!!) Keep up the good work. & if you could, a buttonhole band for a cardigan video. I made one for my son & just can't get those buttonholes right. Thx

  3. I love your videos. I am relearning machine knitting after 20 years of not knitting. I constantly tell people about your videos and how they have helped me to knit again. In fact I emailed your link to someone today. I would love to have them on DVD. I now have to start them on Utube and start and stop them, start and stop them. Sometimes the download is good and sometimes it is bad. Having my own would be great!! Thanks

  4. The knit club told me pretty much the same thing this weekend, that people need copies to carry over by the machine.

    I think I will offer CDs with as many of the small YouTube videos as will fit. They'll play on a PC. That way, I can probably get the whole beginner course on 3, and the ribber course on maybe 2, and some projects can be combined. I wouldn't have to charge too much and they'd be available soon.

  5. I've just recently found your blog (and videos), and yes, being able to view while using the machine would be wonderful. As far as HD - my personal view is - not needed. As long as I can see (and hear) what you were doing clearly, I'm happy. Now to get busy watching them and start learning how to use the machine that's sitting in the closet!

    If people have a slow download, they might try what I do - start the download and go do something else, then when it's done, hit replay. It should play all in 1 shot then.

  6. Please understand that the videos are copyrighted. They were a tremendous amount of work, and I do not condone or give permission for anyone to use special software to download them and then redistribute them.

    Downloading the videos from YouTube, unless you are the video creator, is a violation of their terms of use.