Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Video - Burgundy Mohair Tucked Rib Scarf

Here's my new video, a pretty, fluffy lace scarf that you can make on a standard machine with patterning and a ribber:

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  1. I tried this with 2/24 yarn and ended up with a nice mess. The 1X1 ribbing worked fine, but when I started the pattern, it seemed that the needles were only gathering tucks, none were knitting off. I'm using a fine knit bar on a Studio 840 with the pattern drawn on a mylar.

    In Stitch World are the white squares of the patterns the tuck/slip/2nd color sts and the black squares are the knit/1st color sts? For the EC-1 I only have to black in the tucking squares and to leave the knit ones blank. I did this by covering the Stitch World pattern with the mylar sheet (it fit perfectly) and penciled in the white squares because I thought they were the tucking squares.