Friday, February 19, 2010

NZAK Update

Thursday night I took maybe 20 minutes and actually knitted a heel! I adjusted the heel weight (the NZAK has a heel weight to take up the extra yarn when you change directions short-rowing), and I brought the needles up using the heel lifter (such a clever gadget). Then I slowly worked the heel.

Every machine is different, and here's what I learned about Valentina: (1) I really have to figure out how much to weight the heel forks and where to put 'em, (2) when returning a needle to work (short-row increasing) the NZAK likes the needle pushed all the way down, just like the video says, duh (3) when short-rowing, the NZAK requires needs me to go a little more distance than I'm used to on past the needles I'm moving before they're out of the pathway and can be moved.

It felt like a victory! I plan to make a string of heels before I make some pairs of actual socks.

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  1. Regarding heel weighting - when short-rowing to the heel edge, I use my hand to pull down on the sock, because the "centre of gravity" is changing too quickly. Once the heel is turned, I hang the heel weights. I got this tip from a CSM in Devon.