Saturday, February 20, 2010

Curious About the Shadow Lace Tool (Jaws)?

I've got a new YouTube video showing the basics of using a Shadow Lace Tool (Jaws) to move stitches from the ribber to the main bed, and back again. You can move all the stitches or some of the stitches, whatever you desire, either up or down. This tool saves a lot of time!

Before buying a Jaws tool, make sure it fits your machine. It's a 4.5 mm tool for the standard machines with a ribber, and fits Toyota, Brother, Studio, Silver-Reed, Singer, Knitking, Juki - in other words, it fits the standard Japanese machines. You can always put a ruler in front of your needles and measure the distance from the center of one needle to the center of another.

Jaws will not fit Passap, which has a different needle spacing.

The little book that comes with Jaws is written for the Studio/Silver Reed machines, so the machine settings will seem quite foreign if you have a different machine. Still, once you get used to it, this is a very useful gizmo. The tools are not too to find if you contact the dealers on the internet, especial the Studio/Silver Reed dealers, either by phone or email.


  1. Diana thank you - This is a great help I just bought that item -
    and thanks for Jeanne Robertson. Really funny.
    Nadia KR

  2. Hi Diana
    Loved your demonstration great little tool. Just one thing Where did you get your shadow lace tool I have been looking for one for a year now.
    they were an option tool in their Empisal Knitmaster SRP50 ribber instruction book printed 1978 in Japan and every one I ask has never seen one I only know of two people who have them and they are knitwear designers.
    regards Johanna A S

  3. Hi Diane, I am just wondering, I bought the sock DVD and there is a blotch I cannot get rid of, it affects being able to see a good portion of the video, but I can get that part from youtube, but it is a hassle. is there a way I can exchange it? I love your blog! The DVD on Entrelac is awesome!
    tia, Cobi Lee Henry

  4. Email me with your snail address and I'll send a replacement DVD. Email me at diana_knits "at"

    We don't want to share your address in the comments.

  5. Is this tool still available? If so, from where? thanks.