Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advice, Please on Packaged Gifts

This time of year, I send an assortment of things to out of town relatives - for instance, chocolate gift baskets, pecan trays, and so forth.  We have a big family, and we usually send a box of goodies the whole family can enjoy.  These are things I order from companies and are shipped straight to the folks.

I don't get to see what the companies sent, and of course everyone expresses appreciation, but I really don't know what the best stuff is.  Also, John and I are not very clever at making our minds up about gifts.  So - does anyone have any fantastic, killer suggestions for things that are great to receive?


  1. Harry and David has lovely fruit boxes and many other boxes - anything we have ever sent or received from them has been wonderful!

  2. My dad loves Moose Munch from Harry & David and I always send an assortment of flavors. They have at least a dozen flavors to choose from. My mom is addicted to hot cinnamon spice tea from Harney & Sons and I is the best! My brother-in-law is a malt ball fanatic and I send him ultimate malt balls from He says they are the best he has ever had. I get chocolate covered sunflower seeds from them for my sister too. Affordable and always fresh.