Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 2 of Holiday Prep Staycation

We headed to the post office with a couple orders and our pile of Christmas cards to mail, then shopped together.  At Tuesday Morning, I found sock yarn!  It's a 75/25 blend of wool and nylon, which I prefer, in good colors, and at a nice price.  I was amazed at how much electronic gadgetry there was for John to browse through in that store.  We also purchased some assorted gifts.

Next, we went to our favorite restaurant, Reale's, for lunch, where we feasted - and they serve such large portions that we brought half the Italian food home for dinner.  We also bought John mint plants and some more yarn for knit demos.  What I did not find was yarn to knit another drop lace shawl for a certain person...I'd really hoped to find a worsted-weight black mohair-look yarn, but I only saw bulky yarn, and not nearly fluffy enough.   About then, the "Italian valium" hit, and we had to have a nap.  Ah, the slower pace of a few days off!

Next, we cranked up Christmas music on the stereo and decorated the house.  We didn't need to buy anything, just bring all the boxes in out of the garage.  We put up the tree, the lights and garland on the staircase, hung the stockings, hung a wreath my niece made us, assembled the reindeer my brother made, put out two nativity sets (one of which is a miniature porcelain set that my girlfriend made for me, and goes in the window over the kitchen sink.  We put Santa hats on the grandfather clocks.  Our tree is old-fashioned and all-mixed up, with plenty of stories and memories to go with the ornaments.

No knitting happened, but there was yarn shopping, which is always good.  I intend to do some knitting today!


  1. I am so jealous!! You are living my Christmas dream. I live the "hustle and bustle" side of Christmas. I can not believe that December is just about 1/2 over. We haven't even decorated yet and I have so much knitting to do on the machines for gifts!! ACCKKKKK! Somehow I do usually get it all done, but I long to try your version of preparing for the holidays

  2. I had to "give up" vacation time to do this - and that's why I have not done it in the past. As a matter of fact, a friend at work cautioned me not to work all week but to have a little fun.

    So far, this is definitely worth it. I have done exactly what you are describing for many, many years and am a bit of a stress monster at Christmas. All anybody had to do was complain about a gift I gave to ruin my day - I worked SO hard, I spent SO much, and they complain! Remember instead, that we celebrate the advent of the Light of the World. Each of these traditions - putting up the lights, the tree, the mistletoe, the gifts, the cards, the songs, has a greater meaning, and I want to get back to that.

    Whenever stress is eating me alive in some area of my life, the answer is always with God, and I believe He is leading me to sacrifice the vacation time and invest it in a truly meaningful holiday season.

    This year, I have a loved one in a crisis - I can't violate this person's privacy and discuss it - but I do covet your prayers, not for me, but for my loved one, and I am so glad I am taking this different approach to the holiday process.

  3. I went to Tuesday Morning a couple of months ago and got some really nice 100% wool worsted weight and am half way finished with a sweater for my dad. The price was really good on it. I saw it back in July but did feel I should get any more when I went back and it was still all there I thought I should buy it LOL. Any excuse right? Hope you have a very happy holiday and your loved one comes out the other side better and happier than before.

  4. From now on, I'm stopping in Tuesday morning just to look for yarn! I knitted up a very unusual one I picked up there and am about to put up a blog picture of the scarf it made - nice stuff, and cheap!