Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ultimate Sweater Machine: Videos, So Far

If you're an Ultimate Sweater Machine knitter, or a bulky knitter, you might like to be able to find all the USM videos quickly.

These are in the order you would probably want to knit them.

Intro to the USM

The scarf videos 

Photos of the scarves and various notes

Hat, to match scarf and written hat directions

Worsted Weight Tam on the Ultimate Sweater Machine

Cast-On Rag on USM


  1. These videos are just great! Thank you for going to all the work of making them! I've made the hat -- turned out nice.
    I also loved the mittens. Could you post the pattern for them?

  2. Hi, Diana... What activity on this blog! and as to your knitting machines! And you work full time ... Creazy... How many are we, who (now) have no excuse to knit all day (I hope all week), we also ... And partly thanks to you! Jack5959 from France.

  3. I just bought the USM and haven't opened it yet, but I thought I'd mention that I got it on clearance at Michael's for $79.99! so if you were wanting to buy one, call Michael's and see if they still have one in your area.

  4. Well, I hope they aren't going to stop carrying the USM. This machine is the only one available at typical big box stores.

    I actually prefer the LK150, but you have to get one of those from a Silver Reed dealer, and I think they go for about $440.

  5. HI I just purchased the ultimate knitting machine. Do you have a video on how to knit blankets?