Monday, December 13, 2010

Newest Tam

This was such pretty sock yarn, and I made a tam (beret) from it (following the regular, standard-gauge video instructions).  I started it Sunday night but decided to watch a movie and finish it this morning, and I assembled it and blocked it this morning.

Can you imagine making such a nice gift with only a single, 50-gram skein of sock yarn?  Better yet, leftover sock yarn!  And, it can be knitted in one session!  (At least, once you've made one and gotten the hang of it.) Check this out:

I think I'll do a tam book with all the different gauges and sizes of tams.  I want to include kids' sizes as well as ladies' sizes, plus I want to include the charts so you can shape the tam automatically if you have an electronic machine.  I am currently redoing the tam pattern for sport weight yarn and handknitting because my SIL has some perfect yarn and wants to hand knit one. 

Any cute ideas for a book title for a tam book?  


  1. 'Circles, triangles and swirls’

    Because the finished tam is a circle
    It’s made up of triangles
    And it makes a swirl pattern when finished.

    It’s entirely up to you

  2. Diana, my daughter would like to know what brand and color you used for this blue/gray/purple tam. I think she's hinting for one (she's standing over my shoulder as I type LOL).

  3. It's a sock yarn with blank labels. I bought it from Barry Travis in the Yahoo circular sock machine group - Barry was selling some closeouts and odd lots - and I had it left over from making socks.

    You could get the look by doing stripes with the colors, or take your girl to the store and have her choose a sock yarn. One 50-gram ball will make one.

  4. We were at Hobby Lobby earlier and I noticed which colors she was leaning towards. Now to get back there without her. ;P

  5. I Tam What I Tam! Sorry,I have been knitting non-stop for weeks.. my brains have turned to knit! This is my next project. Thank you.

  6. Tam-a-Round? Tamming Around?

    I'm not good with titles, but I sure would buy whatever you publish! You are amazing!

    Could you do these on a bulky? How would I change the pattern to accomodate the larger stitch? Sorry, I just bought a Brother bulky last weekend. I'm used to my Singer standard, but put it away so I could play with the bulky (not enough room to play with both at the same time)...

    Thank you

  7. The bulky version is here:

    It will work on your bulky just like it works on the USM.