Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ribber Scarf & Tam Set - One More Colorway & Instructions

I think this is my last Patons Lace tam hat and scarf set.  The whole set, including a 6-foot scarf, only requires two balls - there are almost 400 yards on a ball.  Now that I've seen it knitted, this is my favorite "colorway."

To make this scarf, I modified a pattern in my Beautiful Ribber Scarves book to take it from a patterning bulky machine to a 965i.

Following the Cream Tuck Lace scarf pattern, convert to Stitch World 291 for the 965i to get that pattern chart (Stitch World numbers change from machine to machine).  Increase the stitches to 65 stitches, make sure racked into full pitch and zeroes lined up, 1x1 rib, end needles on ribber, 4 rows for edge, T4.  Then the pattern starts by putting selected stitches from the ribber to the main bed: L6, 12, 18, 24, and R1, 7, 13, 19, and 25.  Do selection row, T6, then set for Tuck. Knit 650 rows, end with 4 rows 1x1 ribbing T4 and bind off.

Your machine's ribber, your most-expensive accessory with its complete needle bed, might sit unused because of the effort required for mastery.  The ribber is ideal, though, if you've got to do some "production" knitting, that is, a lot of items for charity, for gifts, or for sale!  Your ribber makes thick, fluffy, fancy things that lie flat, and you'll save so much time in finishing that it's well worth investing time in mastering the ribber.  For instance, the only finishing required for this scarf is binding off and a light steaming to eliminate curl.

I am so passionate about persuading people to master the ribber that I've filmed an entire free ribber course, here.

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  1. Your scarves encouraged me to try making one for my brother, last night, using the ribber. What I ended up with was more suitable for our babysitter though, LOL. But wow, how great to make a super long scarf (900 rows!) in just a couple hours!