Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Videos Today - USM Tam

The USM Goldilocks challenge isn't over yet!

Are you new to this site?  New to machine knitting, or to the Ultimate Sweater Machine?  These videos build a little on knowledge, so here's what we have so far:

The easiest - scarf to knit.
Step two:  knit the hat to match.

Appreciate all the free lessons, patterns, etc?  Well, they do take truckloads of time.  Help me keep doing this  by doing your Amazon shopping through the search box at the left. They have quite a bit of interesting stuff for knitters these days.

Step 3 in the USM challenge is a fun little beret to knit as a gift item.

Knitting a tam on the USM (1 of 2)

Knit a tam on the USM (2 of 2)


  1. Diana I wrote the other day to tell you that I live in Italy and wanted to know if I have the book with the edges are definitely in English but I can do something then I puopi say something about it? thanks
    Congratulations for the video

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    I give you my vanda.midali @

  2. Love the tam. Are the instructions written out any where?

  3. I might have missed it, but did you say what size this will make? If it were blocked a little differently it would be like the slouchy hats that are very popular now!

  4. Tracy, it fits an adult woman, about a medium size.

    I'd love to see a photo of one done that way.

  5. How deep is the ribbing supposed to be? Mine is 1.5" and it doesn't seem enough. I'm not a hat person so I don't know if this is right or not. This is a gift and I don't know if I should make another with added rows.

    It's a great pattern and was fun to work up. I'll do another in variegated yarn, but my sister will like the solid one better. I hope! LOL

  6. 1-1/2" of ribbing will be okay. Depending on the yarn and the blocking, I've had some come out with almost 2" of ribbing. Do that thing with the string through the cast-on and the dinner plate for a really nice ribbing finish - it draws up the cast-on, eliminates any cast-on ruffling, and just looks nice.

  7. Thank you. I measured one at the store that barely had 1.5" ribbing. Mine was only a little smaller in diameter as well. I'm going to give it to my sister. :P

  8. Thanks for the video. I made one for my granddaughter and a scarf too.

  9. Diana
    I want to make this, but I'm not sure my yarn will match your gauge. Do you happen to know what gauge you got (I'm using an LK150 so I can't just go by the keyplate). I tried doing some math with my swatch, but it seems it would turn out about 30" around, LOL.

  10. I'm with TracyKM. I would like to make this on my Brother 260 bulky machine instead of my USM, and am curious as to what you think the tension would be?

  11. When I do the USM book, I'll include all the gauge measurements and additional details. Any of these projects can be done on the bulky but you'll have to work swatches to get gauge. The projects will be much faster and easier on a Japanese bulky.

    I have so much material, so many projects and instructions, for the USM book, though, that I think it will be 100% USM.

  12. Diana, thanks for the video. I`m still trying to learn my Singer. So yesterday I did it! It`s only small (13 cm in diameter), but I will calculate it for bigger sizes.
    I follow your very clear instructions and want to say THANK YOU for all these videos. They make me better in understanding my machine.

  13. Strika,

    Knit the standard machine tam, and you won't need to recalculate. This one is for bulky yarn.

    It's another video.

  14. Diana, do you have written instruction for the Tam hat available yet? It looks like a real fun project.

  15. Thank you for this model! Thanks to this video I have made ​​my first beret while not speaking English at all!