Friday, December 10, 2010

Score! Pretty Yarn at Tuesday Morning

Among the things we found at Tuesday morning were two skeins of Turkish yarn, about half superwash wool and about half nylon.

This is dreamy-soft, feel-to-appreciate fiber, but definitely a novelty yarn, bumpy and fussy.  I knitted a scarf out of it on the USM.  Since I only had two skeins, it's not a super long scarf, but a 5-footer using only 38 stitches and keyplate 2.  It's actually orange and white, even though on my monitor it looks like red and white:


  1. This is a very pretty scarf--and as a redhead, I LOVE the orange color! Is there any chance you'll be sharing the pattern?

  2. It's the ultimate sweater machine scarf, and if you follow the video, that's the pattern.