Friday, August 7, 2009

Beginner Knitting Project

Just want to clarify that there are TWO versions of the project.

I won't be able to put full details of what to buy on the blog until this evening. But here's something to keep in mind if you're planning to use yarn you have on hand:

If you have a bulky machine, buy the "I Love This Yarn" or a comparable light worsted weight (Americans say "4 ply" but 4-ply yarn could, of course, be much thicker or thinner). You are looking for a yarn that will knit 18 stitches to the inch.

If you have a standard machine, you need a much thinner yarn. I have selected a brand marketed for babies and children by Yarn Bee, more on that tonight. You are looking for about 24 stitches per inch on the yarn label.

I used to own a yarn shop, and I waited on lots of people buying yarn and helped them with their projects. It's very important that all the yarn be from the same dye lot (dyeing batch). It never seems to quite match if you get a different batch. Save your receipt, and don't wind everything into balls - hold out a couple in case you need to return them.

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